Fireground Safety - Ventilation Safety (FIRE)

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Ventilation of a burning structure is a vital consideration on any fireground. It impacts extinguishment of the fire, search operations, firefighters’ working conditions and loss control. But just as ventilation has the capability of making the building safer for firefighters to work in, it can also seriously compromise firefighter safety. In this course learn risks of performing ventilation, safe ventilation techniques, and selecting the appropriate ventilation technique.

• Describe the inherent risks of performing ventilation tasks on the fireground
• Explain how to perform ventilation techniques in a safe manner
• Discuss how to determine which ventilation technique to utilize based on safety measures

This Course Satisfies:

  • Maine EMS - Category 6 - Electives
  • NFPA - 1001 Firefighter
  • ISO - Firefighter
  • New York FIRE - Ventilation
  • New York FIRE - OSHA - Fire Scene Safety
  • CentreLearn FIRE - Fire Course


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